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#6 About this forum

Posted by Your Head on 26 October 2014 - 10:04 PM

Hello and welcome!


I am you, I am your head, I am your brains. Let me explain the reason you are seeing this: you are hallucinating. Terrifying huh? But true nonetheless. This forum does not exist, nor are you looking at it. You are imagining things and I (your mind) am playing tricks with you.


You have been wanting Crusade Gaming back so badly for over a year now. I have heard you think it. I have seen you dream it. You wake up crying because you miss those old times so much. You can't think clearly any more. To fill up that gap you are now seeing things and this is the result.


It is absolutely impossible that someone other than Silent has gotten control of the crusadegaming.com domain, you should realise that. Surely you don't think Silent would be silly enough to let it expire? That is preposterous! Honestly, if I would have written this post (which I haven't of course, as it does not exist), I would be laughing at you. Very loud. And rolling over the floor too. Ever seen a mind rolling over the floor laughing? No? Good, you're not too far gone then. Still, go see a doctor.


And should anyone happen to get the domain, surely no one would be silly enough to attempt to revive Crusade Gaming? No, that's not going to happen. Seriously. Read this post your imagination again and tell me differently. It is not possible, nor is it going to happen. Ever.


Is it?

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#96 Reviving Crusade Gaming

Posted by Dash on 29 October 2014 - 09:24 AM

Hello everyone,


These past days we have been overwhelmed by everyone's activity and involvement on these forums and our IRC chat. It is wonderful to see the community coming together again so quickly after such a long period of inactivity.


The main question everyone has been asking is: is Crusade Gaming coming back again? I don't want to make promises that we can't meet, but we are going to try!


Hash (who most of you will remember as Ectomy) is already working with a group of beta testers on a test realm. There is still a lot of work to do though. Right now the realm is just a stock TrinityCore, and we want to give you all a bit more than that. We don't want to launch with a crappy server, we want to have a spectacular launch. CG died out like a candle a year ago, now we want to come back with a big BANG!


That means we will need some time to prepare and develop everything we need. It's too early to give a time frame. It could be a few months, it could also be less. We are not going to make any promises until we can be absolutely sure we can meet them. We ask for your understanding in this. I know it is frustrating to wait, but we are working on our own pace. Both Hash and I have full time jobs, so we do what we can in the evenings and weekend, but we're not going to push ourselves too far as we don't want to risk any kind of burnout.


While we are working on things and plotting ideas we will start posting regular updates. In those threads you will also be able to give your input on what we are working on. We will hear your voices!


One question I've been hearing a lot is whether you will get your old characters back. Unfortunately, we do not have any backups of old data, so that is not going to happen. Everyone will start anew on a fresh server with new characters. The community has survived though, and that's what matters most to us :)


See you all soon on IRC, TeamSpeak and these forums!

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#1573 Official Release Date

Posted by Ink on 11 January 2015 - 08:45 PM

We are very pleased...

...to finally announce...

...Crusade Gaming's...

...launch date...

January 24th, 2015 at 6:00 pm UTC

By the way, here's this cool nifty countdown:

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#489 The New Realm

Posted by Hash on 12 November 2014 - 03:09 PM

Can you also choose XP rate on top of starting level?

Yes Aidiakapi. If you do choose to level, whether you start at 1, 60, or 70, you will have the option to specify your leveling rate. In fact, unlike other servers that might have this feature, you can change your leveling rate at ANY TIME you want. For instance, you may speed up the 1-20 grind, and slow down after that when you have a mount. The rewards that you receive from leveling will depend on your average overall leveling rate and your current level (more rewards for lower rates and higher levels). If you do choose to boost to a higher level, your experience for those boosted levels will be calculated as having been obtained using double the maximum possible rate (TBD). I hope this answers your question.


Please note that these ideas are purely conceptual right now. When we do prototype them, some details will inevitably change. Rest assured that we will keep you guys apprised throughout the development process.

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#3244 Farewell For Now

Posted by Cawks on 07 March 2015 - 07:39 PM

Denizens of Crusade Gaming, it is time that we talked about our server.


When I first applied for Game Design, my hopes were to cultivate the revival of the most important aspect that remained untainted throughout the course of our history, the community. Though we were not exempt from the malicious nature that is brought out in even the most respectable of individuals, it is for a reason that we remain resilient and persevere onward. The aspirations of the individual, or of the server as a whole, have always been thwarted by procrastination, a sense of being powerless to change and the fear that the echos of ignorance and poor decisions have ultimately sealed our fate. Our history eludes most of us and yet we're still paying for the decisions of old. Despite our previous convictions, the underlying desire of anyone who has found themselves involved with this server is for success.


The situation of Halion is dire. Not only does it pain us to see it in such a way but the heart felt anguish of knowing that we are failing those who remain dedicated to our cause and continue to log in each and everyday despite how things have progressed, is what effects us the most. To aspire for success by riding off the coattails of our community was never going to end well and while you are our most precious commodity in the private server market, it is simply not enough to provide an experience worthy of your time and effort, let alone ourselves. It is not acceptable that we continue to perpetuate the promise that things will get better without taking action. Instead of trying to make sense of our shortcomings and the multitude of reasons as to why things did not go our way, we're set on moving forward.


It is time that we shed our skin of our old associations and progress forward towards a new common goal. It comes with no regret that our combined decision is to enter a stage of private development will be effective as of when this topic is posted. This will mean that access to our servers will no longer be available by the usual means. Our IRC, TS3 server and the forums will remain operational and their use is encouraged for whatever purpose they might serve. 


Our goal of this development period is to produce content that will revitalize World of Warcraft for those that still hold 3.3.5 dear. This goal along side the continued development of WOTLK in respects to maintaining a server is simply not feasible and would detract too much time and energy away from a more worthy cause. It is imperative that we refrain from making promises or holding ourselves to unrealistic expectations or deadlines as what we plan to do will require time and sustained effort that cannot be thrown at a date and hope that it works.


We want to thank everyone who stayed with us on this part of our journey and showed their support. We are aware of those who truly made an effort and we wish to thank you adequately when the time comes. On behalf of the staff, I'd like to express our sincerest apologies that things resulted in the way they did.


tl;dr and information I skipped:



If you are interested in joining staff, we're always looking for motivated, creative and helpful individuals to strengthen our roster. Please get in contact with a Team Lead at your earliest convenience!

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#3103 Staff Updates

Posted by Dash on 23 February 2015 - 08:30 AM

Hello everyone,

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes lately, and I think it would be good to give you all a quick update.

  • Kaiyn has recently returned to Staff. He has mostly built Maventell for us, and is now the Team Lead for both Events and Game Design.
  • Mostwanted, Acoolername and Saeada have recently joined Staff for Support and Events. They will mostly be handling your tickets and providing entertainment in-game. With such a small Staff it remains difficult to cover all time zones, but we will of course try to have as much GM presence as possible.
  • Cawks and Hawk have joined the Game Design time for PvE. If you have any suggestions or thing you think should be changed: please contact them. They will decide what direction we want CG to go in, and give the development team guidance on what to work on.
  • Several inactive Staff members have unfortunately been removed. While none of them actually did something wrong, we would rather have a small active team than a bigger team with lots of people who aren't around.
  • I will be focussing more on development myself from now on, instead of only events and support. More development = more fixes and new features more often. There's still a lot to learn for me, but I'm pretty confident I'll be able to catch up fairly quickly.

Obviously, we are still looking for people in several areas:

  • Support and Events could still use some people for times that are currently not covered very well. If you usually don't see a GM on while you are online, please consider applying :)
  • We are looking for someone to help us out in general marketing. There's still a lot to be gained in that area. Things like advertising, finding the best vote sites to be on, building up hype for upcoming releases, etcetera.
  • Development spots are of course always open. Are you familiar with SQL or even C++? We'd love to get in touch with you.
  • Game design could use a PvP-guru to guide the server towards a better and more streamlined PvP-experience.

Of course, you could also apply for multiple roles if you have sufficient time and motivation to do so. Just let us know in your application.

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#2232 Are You Ready For Halion?

Posted by Ink on 24 January 2015 - 04:35 PM

Are you ready for Halion? 

The work is complete. Code has been written. Players have been consulted. Forums have been trolled. Chocolate has been eaten. No gnomes were ever harmed in the process.

After months of development, we are overjoyed to announce that Halion will soon be officially open to the public.

Some say a picture speaks a thousand words, so this video must speak millions...

Some practical information:

Remember! It's set realmlist logon.crusadegaming.com

Enjoy the launch!

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#1212 Assorted Small Updates

Posted by Dash on 25 December 2014 - 03:32 PM

First of all, merry Christmas to everyone!


A lot has been going on lately. Many things are not interesting enough for a post of their own, but we would still like to keep everyone up-to-date, so here's a compilation :)



New team leads for Marketing and Game Design


In the Staff meeting last weekend we agreed on promoting Krozan to Team Lead for the Marketing Team and Versatile to Team Lead for the Game Design team. Congratulations to both!


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments related to Marketing or Game Design, they are the people you'll want to talk to.



Twitch live streams on the forums


We have installed a new application on these forums that allows users to publish any streams they have on twitch on our site. You can find it here.


This way you can easily share your streams with the rest of the community, and we'll have all CG-related live streams in one place. Feel free to test it out. At the moment streams are not yet moderated, but we might add moderator approval to the system later if needed.



Shortened URLs to use on social media


Long forum links can be annoying, especially if you want to share the link with others on social media, by email or on IRC. We have purchased the domain http://crusadegam.in and will be using that to generate shortened urls for anything important on the site and forums.


For example:

If you'd like a shortened url for a thread you made to easily share it, please contact the marketing team for now. We might come up with a more sophisticated system for it later, but it has no priority for us at the moment.



Upcoming server launch


Here it comes...


We are confident we can launch in January. You can consider this a promise. One that we, unless very bad unforeseen personal circumstances arise, will definitely keep. Unlike promises on old CG, this is a very realistic promise with a very realistic time frame. One that we're ready for.


So yes, you will be able to play on our servers in January. Probably somewhere mid-January. When we are completely ready for launch, we will of course post an exact launch date, put it on the forum calendar, post it on Facebook, send out e-mails, etcetera etcetera. You won't be able to miss it!



Next staff update


The next staff blog will be posted on Sunday, December 28th. It will be about the malls for pvp players. Be sure to keep an eye on this forum ;)

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#2777 Voting System

Posted by Dash on 06 February 2015 - 11:41 AM

Hello everyone,


As you may have seen the voting system was put live yesterday. You should now see a box at the top of the forums every 12 hours asking you to vote.


I had some reports about Chrome not being able to see the vote box. That should be fixed now. If you are still having issues, could you please post here which browser and version you are using?


Thank you! :D

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